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Annual reviews are the worst!

No one likes them and they don’t drive improvement

PeerBot - annual reviews are the worst

PeerBot works with Slack and MS Teams.

PeerBot helps you and your team improve daily and puts an end to painful annual reviews. It enhances performance through real-time feedback. Since it’s integrated into Slack and MS Teams, communication happens seamlessly. Give praise publicly and offer improvement tips in private. Schedule its release to limit distractions. Help you and your coworkers learn from each other, have fun and thrive in your work.

PeerBot - Give private feedback to your team

A Slackbot for reviews.

PeerBot puts an end to painful annual reviews. It’s integrated into Slack and Microsoft Teams and helps everyone.


Who wants to wait for an annual review? PeerBot allows you to give and receive feedback instantly.


It’s integrated into Slack and Teams so you can communicate without opening another tool.


Everybody wants to unleash their potential. PeerBot helps people improve in their role.

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